Affordable Housing double interview Part 1

LTV East Hampton’s Matt Lownes sits down with Long Island Housing Services Executive Director Ian Wilder and Senior Affordable Housing Advocate Michael Daly for All-In Affordable Housing. This is only Part 1.
• Make sure that you see what Ian labels as the most “controversial” comment.
• Listen for discussion of Robert Moses, Abraham Levitt, and Jim Crow.
They also discussed:
1. What have we been up to?
2. What unfair practices have you seen?
3. How does a real estate agent and a fair housing leader work together?
4. Why fair housing settlements shouldn’t be confidential
5. How do we make societal changes?
6. Why is fair housing good business?
7. How does lack of funding undercut fair housing enforcement?
8. What as the Newsday Long Island Divided investigation about?
9. What is the size of the problem of housing discrimination?
10. How do we create more affordable housing in New York State?
11. What is the connection between the trade parade and home rule zoning?

See Part 2: