Affordable Housing double interview Part 2

Part 2 of LTV East Hampton’s Matt Lownes sitting down with Long Island Housing Services Executive Director Ian Wilder and Senior Affordable Housing Advocate Michael Daly for All-In Affordable Housing. 


Wow! This part of interview was on fire. 🔥   It was also prescient. 👓 The interview was taped 2 weeks ago and this is what the Regional Plan Association came out with last week:

Residents strongly support several different measures to create more homes in the region.
67% of respondents support legalizing basement and garage apartments to provide more housing options in the region, including 70% of respondents from Long Island, 10-point and 19-point increases since October 2021, respectively.

  • Listen for discussion of dog whistles, horse races and dog races.

They also discussed:

    1. Do Gen Z understand the affordable housing crisis?
    2. What is wrong with the character of neighborhoods?
    3. Who opposes ADUs?
    4. How do homeowners and renters feel about ADUs?
    5. Did the media do a good job in discussing ADUs?
    6. Is local zoning working?
    7. What groups tried to pivot the media to real discussion about ADUs?
    8. How do the education failures feed the affordable housing crisis?
    9. Who are our best organizers?
    10. What is the lack of affordable housing costing us?
    11. Who really needs affordable housing?
    12. Why don’t municipalities build needed affordable housing?
    13. Ho do we better communicate the need for more affordable housing?
    14. What myths are NIMBY based on?

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