CBS: “This is not just a problem in the real estate industry . . .”

More Housing Discrimination Testing Needed

Long Island Housing Services (LIHS) Executive Director Ian Wilder spoke out at the press conference held by Nassau County Executive Laura Curran. The press conference was held to announce polices enacted by Nassau County in response to the Newsday housing discrimination special investigation Long Island Divided,

Curran’s plan includes the appointment of a Special Housing Counsel; increased enforcement of Open Housing Law; strengthening of the Nassau County Human Rights Commission; establishment of a Fair Housing Advisory Board; and initiation of public awareness campaign and educational workshops.

Wilder praised the policies initiated by Curran as specifically addressing the racism by real estate agents highlighted in the Newsday investigation and the broader problems of housing discrimination.  As Wilder told CBS News: “This is not just a problem in the real estate industry with realtors. It’s also a problem with landlords, it’s a problem with lenders. We need to look at discrimination in all those industries.”

Speaking as part of the press conference, Wilder emphasized that in addition to seeing a continuing pattern of housing discrimination based on racism, that LIHS also brings a great number of complaints for discrimination against person with disabilities and based on source of income.

In order to more effectively fight housing discrimination, Newsday has called for increased government funding for nonprofits like Long Island Housing Services to enforce the fair housing laws.

An even more serious issue than insufficient funding to fight segregation are the gaps in funding which do exist.  An upcoming funding gap means that as of February 15, 2020 Long Island Housing services will have to . . .

decrease our Fair Housing enforcement.

We depend on an annual HUD grant to underwrite the cost of investigating and filing Fair Housing complaints. Our grant ends on February 14, 2020. And the new grant application has not been announced despite the funds having already being allocated by Congress. Even if the application were issued today, the new grant would not come in until mid-2020, leaving LIHS with a funding gap that stretches over at least several months.

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If you believe that you have been discriminated against in seeking housing, please call Long Island Housing Services at 631-567-5111 ext. 375 to speak to a trained Fair Housing Investigator or Advocate or email

Si usted cree que ha sido discriminado al buscar vivienda, llame a Long Island Housing Services al 631-567-5111 ext. 378 para hablar con un investigador o defensor de vivienda justa capacitado. También puede enviar un correo electrónico a

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In recent years, Long Island Housing Services has won more victories for Long Island families by stopping government abuse of minority tenants in Mastic Beach, and wiping out vestiges of Nazi Era prejudice in Yaphank, and fighting the sexual harassment of minors in Patchogue.

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