Join statewide Day of Action Thursday Oct 10th

LIHS Joins other NYS Civil Rights groups opposing
HUD’s undermining of the Disparate Impact Rule

Sumit comments to HUD before October 18, 2019Today, Long Island Housing Services (LIHS) announced it was joining a coordinated effort to push back against a proposed a rule change by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that would substantially weaken enforcement of the Federal Fair Housing Act. We are asking all our supporters to submit comments opposing this change through the website.

The change involves “disparate impact,” a legal tool used to challenge facially neutral policies that have a discriminatory impact and yield biased outcomes. Changing the disparate impact rule will allow financial institutions, insurance companies, and housing providers to design and implement discriminatory policies that will widen societal inequalities.

In response to this assault on civil rights protections, the National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA) is calling on fair housing groups across the country to sponsor a coordinated Day of Action in each state. NFHA has created a website – – where visitors can learn about the issue and leave an official comment for HUD during the 60-day public comment period. On each state’s designated Day of Action, organizations from that state will engage in events and activities designed to drive as many public comments as possible. For New York, the designated Day of Action will be Thursday October 10th

Take 5 Minutes to Help Defend Civil Rights!

For its part, the LIHS will be posting on email and social media, and encouraging everyone in their networks to join the fight and leave their own comment.  LIHS will be joining the Fair Housing Justice Center, CNY Fair Housing, Legal Assistance of Western New York,  Housing Opportunities Made Equal, and Westchester Residential Opportunities in this New York Day of Action will be. Together, the organizations hope through their combined efforts to drive 5,000 public comments to HUD before the comment period ends on October 18th.



Strongly oppose the Deactivation of the Disparate Impact Rule