Sponsor LIHS’ 50th Anniv Gala on 10/2/19

You are invited to to join us in celebrating 50 years since the founding of Long Island Housing Services, Inc. Sponsor or buy tickets!

On October 2, 2019 from 5:00 to 9:00 pm,
Long Island Housing Services (LIHS) will hold a Gala event
at Crest Hollow Country Club in Woodbury, NY
to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our founding.

Sponsor or buy tickets!

Celebrating 50 years of Long Island Housing Services’ Fair Housing Advocacy

Long Island Housing Services, Inc. (LIHS) invites you to join us on October 2, 2019 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of this principal Fair Housing agency. Help us recognize 50 years of our extraordinary contributions as a pillar of the Fair Housing movement.


  • Civil rights super attorney Frederick K. Brewington

  • LIHS’ Builders: The Greene Family & Maxine D. Wilson, PhD.


August 1, 2019

Dear Friend of Fair Housing:

On October 2, 2019,  Long Island Housing Services (LIHS). will host a Gala event at Crest Hollow Country Club to highlight its 50th anniversary. The work of LIHS as a civil rights agency is as critically needed and valuable now as it was when the organization was founded.

Please help us to celebrate this special agency’s anniversary and its civil rights accomplishments toward  advancing the Fair Housing agenda and challenging discrimination on Long Island.  We are so pleased to be honoring civil rights super attorney Frederick K. Brewington.  And, to especially highlight our 50 year history, we’ll honor Maxine D. Wilson, PhD., consummate Fair Housing organizer/advocate and posthumously, Claire and Joseph Greene for their vision and combined 35+ years of dedicated service.  Come meet/greet our Honorees as well as LIHS’ former Executive Directors, and current and past Board and Staff members!

In addition to the serious lack of housing options in all communities, discrimination is still a pervasive problem faced by many in their housing search especially because of race, disability, ethnicity, gender, income source and children.  Seniors, young professionals, college students and the economically disadvantaged are among those who face significant challenges trying to secure affordable, safe, and inviting housing on Long Island. In 2019, discrimination should not be an additional hurdle for those looking for homes.

Please join us in demanding and supporting equal and fair treatment for all.  Your time, your monetary contributions and your support of our agency can make a tremendous impact on the quality of life of your Long Island neighbors.


Jennifer Martin, Esq.
Gala Committee Co-Chair
Board Secretary

Connie Lassandro
Gala Committee Co-Chair
Board President

Board of Trustees

Connie Lassandro
Stephanie Baldwin, Esq.
Vice President
Jennifer Martin, Esq.
Michael Wigutow, Esq.
Rose Cicchetti
Georgette Grier-Key, Ed.D.
Linda R. Hassberg, Esq.
President Emeritus
Lenora Long
Michelle Santantonio
Executive Director Emeritus

Advisory Council

Alex P. Ames, CPA
Frederick K. Brewington,Esq.
Cathryn A. Harris-Marchesi, Esq.
Mildred Lewis
Thomas Maligno, Esq.
Robert Schonfeld, Esq.
Nina J. Stewart, Esq.
Beth M. Wickey, Esq.

Gala Committee
Stephanie Baldwin, Esq.
Jill Garrick
Georgette Grier-Key
Connie Lassandro
Lenora Long
Jennifer Martin, Esq.
Marian D. Reid
Michelle Santantonio
Ian Wilder, Esq.


Honorary Gala Committee
Diane R. Murphy, Executive Director 1972-1973
Janet Hanson, Executive Director 1973-1987
David Berenbaum, Executive Director 1987-1994
Samuel Miller, Executive Director 1995-1999
Michelle Santantonio, Executive Director 1999-2017
Rev. Jeanne [nee Wilson] Baum, former Volunteer and Staff member
J. Stewart Moore, Esq., former Staff
Cathryn A. Harris, Esq., former Board member and Advisory Council
Berta Cevallos, former Volunteer, Board member, and Board President
Carol Germann, former client, Board member and Board Secretary
Alex P. Ames, former volunteer, Board member, and Board Treasurer
Barbara [nee Hargrave] Cromeyn, former Board member and Board Officer
Margarita Siches-Logan , former Staff, Board member, and Board Officer
Harriet Varady, former term Board member and Board Secretary
Russ Haven, Esq., former Board member
Thomas Maligno, Esq., Advisory Council
Nina J. Stewart, Esq., Advisory Council


Sponsorship Package LIHS’ 50th Gala 2019 (pdf)

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