Sponsor our Fair Housing Gala!

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Celebrate Civil Rights victories on Long Island!

We need your help making Long Island Housing Services’ 2021 Annual Fair Housing Gala a success! If you prefer to mail in your sponsorship, you can use this 2021 Fair Housing Gala Sponsorship Card pdf.

Because the event will be VIRTUAL and FREE to the public in recognition of the realities of 2021, it is even more important that we receive early sponsorships.

Some early support has already come in, but we will need your help to meet our ambitious goals for this event.

COVID-19 forced us to cancel the 2020 Gala honoring the work of Concern for Independent Living and Newsday for its Long Island Divided investigation, but we are back in 2021 to do them justice!

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So mark your calendar for October 6, 2021 at 6pm to join together to celebrate the Civil Rights victories of the last 2 years.

In the meantime, please share this information on Gala sponsorships to make this the most successful Fair Housing Gala ever.

Please spread the word!

Or, you can always mail in the 2021 Fair Housing Gala Sponsorship Card pdf.

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Ian Wilder, Esq.
Executive Director
631-567-5111 ext. 314

P.S. Keep the Sponsorship link handy because that is the same webpage where you will be able to watch the Gala.

P.P.S. If you are not able to sponsor the Fair Housing Gala at this time, you can still help out by sharing this post with your friends. Or, you can always mail in the 2021 Fair Housing Gala Sponsorship Card pdf.