Civil Rights Disability Fair Housing Lawsuit Settled

Long Island Housing Services, Inc. and Westbury Terrace Condominium Implement Mechanism for Reasonable Accommodation and Modification under Fair Housing Laws for Residents with a Disability


Long Island Housing Services Recruits Staff Attorney – Foreclosure Prevention Program

Long Island Housing Services seeks to fill an immediate vacancy for ONE (1) licensed New York State Attorney. The Attorney will advocate and provide legal services for homeowners who are in jeopardy of foreclosure in their primary residence. Posted 5/18/17 Read more.

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IRS expands eligibility under Mortgage Debt Relief Act

IRS: The notice provides guidance on the applicability of section 108(a)(1)(E)(ii) to the Federal Housing Finance Agency‘s PRMP or HAMP programs. The notice concludes that if a mortgage servicer sends a borrower-homeowner a notice in conjunction with a written trial period plan or opt-out letter under PRMP or HAMP prior to January 1, 2017; the borrower-homeowner satisfies the trial period terms and conditions; and a permanent modification of the qualified principal residence indebtedness occurs on or after January 1, 2017, the discharge of indebtedness meets the requirements of section 108(a)(1)(E)(ii). (more…)

FHFA Announces Principal Reduction Modification Program and Further Enhancements to NPL Sales Requirements

Washington, D.C. –   The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) today announced that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will offer principal reduction to certain seriously delinquent, underwater borrowers who are still struggling in the aftermath of the financial crisis to help them avoid … Read More