What did Rochelle say about Alisa?

I often write to you about Long Island Housing Services‘ civil rights work fighting housing discrimination, as chronicled in the media stories. 

Our work also includes overcoming housing insecurity on other fronts. I wanted to tell you what Rochelle S. had to say about the help her 83yo mother received from LIHS Housing Counselor Alisa Drinkwater:

My mother and I are so grateful for Alisa Drinkwater. My mother had problems while she lived at Fairfield in Hauppauge. I contacted Alisa and she helped my mom a few times.  My mother had to break her lease because of her health and they kept her security deposit.  We took them to court.  Alisa showed me the laws.  We won on the law, GOL 7-103,, and she got her security back.  Alisa is so helpful.

 If you have questions about seniors rights to terminate a lease you can speak with one of our Housing Counselors.

Contributions from Long Islanders like you help our Long Island neighbors, like Rochelle’s Mom, assert their rights.


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Executive Director
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